On May 10th, 2024, a team from the TVU project embarked on a fact-finding mission to Hiep My Tay in Tra Vinh province. This region, known for its rich agricultural heritage, is facing significant challenges during the dry season. The goal of our trip was to gain a firsthand understanding of the difficulties faced by local farmers.

The effects of climate change and drought are evident throughout the region. Water scarcity, scorching temperatures, and the increasing salinity of the soil and water sources have forced farmers to make difficult choices. Many have had to abandon their usual crop diversity, focusing solely on drought-tolerant varieties that offer a chance of survival. Others have been forced to reduce the size of their harvests, leading to decreased income.

The most pressing issue echoed by farmers across Hiep My Tay is the lack of irrigation water. Traditional methods are no longer sufficient to meet the demands of crops during the extended dry season. This has led to stunted growth, lower yields, and financial strain on farming families.

By speaking directly with farmers and seeing the impact of these conditions firsthand, we have gained crucial insights into the daily struggles they face. This understanding will inform our efforts as we work to develop innovative solutions to address the water scarcity and salinity issues plaguing the region.