The Mekong Salt Lab will be set up in line with the Mekong Delta priorities set by our the national and provincial government and provides critical capabilities to support our farming. communities to adapt to increasing salinity.

Seawater intrusion is one of the most critical challenges in the Mekong delta that the beneficial partner – Tra Vinh University, is helping to address. Salinity is having a significant effect on the livelihoods of millions of farmers. It is threatening the future of most coastal provinces, as the saltwater penetrates deeper land inward every year. Creating the Mekong Salt Lab will help us to be more effective to:

  1. Further develop our expertise on salinity mitigation and adaptation including fresh water management and integrated and adaptive planning;
  2. Transfer this interdisciplinary expertise to farmers to help them adapt more quickly;
  3. Exchange knowledge and work together with local stakeholders and international

With hybrid training programs, the Dutch expertise group had a site visit in local farmer communities, gaining a great understanding of the project objectives & output. TVU managers are eager for the Mekong Salt Lab Center establishment  while these lectures gave the chance to get exchange knowledge or best practice case studies from international partners.