On June 13th, members from The Water Agency and Organizing Committee of Mekong Salt Lab Project had a field trip to Tra Cu and Duyen Hai districts (Tra Vinh province) to survey the situation of saltwater intrusion as well as how the farmers here respond and adapt to salinized soil.

In addition, the team also visited households to observe the way their farming process was changed to adapt to soil salinity. They had the chance to learn many interesting things, especially the methods of coping with saltwater intrusion of local people, and gained a lot of practical and valuable knowledge to embed into the training program of Salt Lab.

After the trip, the team came to three main conclusions:

  • There should be a specific plan focusing on salinity areas.
  • People’s awareness and knowledge about climate change, especially drought and salinity need to be raised in order to cultivate effectively while causing fewer negative influences to groundwater.
  • Collaboration between farmers and enterprises needs to be strengthened to bring agricultural & aquacultural products to the market.