On October 20, 2023, Vietnamese Women’s Day, a final discussion day was held between experts from the Netherlands and Tra Vinh University. The gentlemen prepared flowers and cakes as a present for their female colleagues.

The team discussed the models to implement on the farms of the three selected Champion Farmers, as well as appointed the lead expert for each model. After a productive discussion, the meeting successfully marked the conclusion of the one-week collaboration work between the two groups of experts.

The farewell party that followed the meeting was a warm and joyous occasion. The experts from both sides shared stories and laughter, and celebrated the success of their collaboration. It was a fitting end to a productive and enjoyable week. The experts from the Netherlands thanked the Tra Vinh University for their hospitality and expressed their happiness during this trip. They also promised to keep each other in contact and continue working on the project remotely.

More highlights from the day below: